Open Letter to Presagis Users

By Dan Brockway 

Many of you have probably heard about the absorption of Presagis into CAE, and the discontinuation of Presagis products. 

If you are a customer of Presagis products and you are looking for an alternative solution, we at MAK Technologies stand ready to help. Our product suite is perhaps the most similar in breadth and scope to the Presagis suite as any other vendor on the market. Our companies grew up together and have shared many common distributors, resellers, and local support partners over the years. We have also shared many of the same philosophies toward building flexible products with APIs for user extension and customization. 

If you used Vega Prime for 3D visualization, MAK’s VR-Vantage 3D visualization engine might be a good alternative. If you used the STAGE CGF, MAK’s VR-Forces CGF solves many of the same problems – especially after the heavy investment the UK Air Force has been making in our product through the Gladiator program. If you used Ondulus for physics-based IR, NVG, or Radar simulation, MAK’s SensorFX or RadarFX might be a viable choice. And if you used TerraVista for terrain development, MAK’s VR-TheWorld Server and MAK Earth procedural terrain engine might help you transition to alternate terrain strategies, and leverage your existing investments in CDB terrains, or legacy formats such as OpenFlight and MetaFlight. 

We know that the development costs to switch to a different COTS engine can be high, so MAK is willing to work with former Presagis customers and their budget constraints to keep the license and maintenance costs of switching to new products manageable. 

MAK is here to help. Get in touch with us through our contact page to learn how we can help you.

ST Engineering

ST Engineering