Tools to Connect and Supply Data


HLA & DIS Simulation Networking

  • Easy way to network simulators
  • Protocol independent API
  • Future proof
  • Code generator


Protocol Translation & Bridging

  • Translate between HLA, DIS, TENA, and DDS
  • FOM to FOM and RTI to RTI bridging
  • C4I to sim interoperability
  • Filter and isolate networks
  • Customizable to support new protocols

MAK WebLVC Server

Browser-based thin clients

  • Built with VR-Exchange
  • Connect web apps to DIS, HLA, TENA, …
  • Client-side Javascript libraries


Realistic Human Characters

  • Super-realistic, fully-rigged, easy to control human and animal characters
  • Used in MAK ONE and 3rd party image generators
  • Motion Editor


HLA Run Time Infrastructure

  • Industry leading performance
  • SISO Verified
  • Unlimited forwarders
  • Simple and complex networks

MAK Data Logger

Simulation Recording & Replay

  • HLA, DIS, Audio, Video
  • DVR-like controls
  • Time-based annotations
  • Export to ODBC databases
  • Controllable by external applications

VR-TheWorld Server

Streaming Terrain

  • Terabytes of Elevation, imagery, features, & land use
  • Global base-map
  • Web interface to add data
  • Local server and cloud implementations
  • Supports multiple source formats

ST Engineering

ST Engineering