MAK Self-help Resources

Loads of useful information about using MAK ONE products

MAK is always here to help our customers with support so personal we call it Engineer Down The Hall support. If you need to ask a specific question, sign in and enter our support portal. But maybe the information you need can be found in these Support Resources pages. Feel free to browse.


Product Specs, Docs, & Dependencies

Here is a list of the MAK ONE products, including the dates of each release, links to the documentation, and all the technical specifications and dependencies.

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Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Support Questions and Solutions to Known Issues 

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Installation Guide

The information you need to get your MAK ONE product setup and working.

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Video Tutorials

Step through videos to work through parts of VR-Forces and VR-Vantage.

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Supported Platforms

This page lists the operating systems and compilers that MAK ONE products run on.

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Build Compatibility

This table explains which MAK ONE products can be built against other MAK ONE product builds.

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Migration Support

In case you need help when migrating applications built on earlier versions of VR-Forces or VR-Vantage.

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Hardware Recommendations

Here are our recommendations for hardware to run MAK ONE products.

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Bonus Downloads

Tools and data you can download.

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Running on VMs or Docker Containers

Learn how we set up both a Public and a Private Cloud.

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