Realistic Human Characters for Extraordinary Visual Simulation

Super-realistic, fully-rigged, easy to control human and animal characters

DI-Guy SDK renders animated human characters into all the MAK ONE applications as well as into Image Generators from other vendors across the Modeling, Simulation & Training Industry.

Introducing DI-Guy SDK

Used throughout the Modeling, Simulation & Training Industry

DI-Guy Software Development Toolkit (SDK) is the engine that powers many of the best visual simulations in the industry. From the high-end image generators made by Rockwell Collins and Flight Safety to quick and dirty applications built using OpenSceneGraph and Unity, DI-Guy provides high-fidelity human characters that move realistically, respond to simple high-level commands, and travel throughout the environment as directed by the hosting visual application. DI-Guy character simulation is an integral part of all MAK ONE applications, including VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage.

Natural Motion

DI-Guy characters make seamless transitions from one activity to the next, moving naturally like real people. DI-Guy’s advanced motion engine ensures that each model’s behavior is lifelike and specific to the specified task. DI-Guy automatically creates natural-looking smooth behavior for its more than 2,000 motions and transitions, even when a character changes posture from one action to the next.

High-Performance, Efficient Toolkit

Whether you are a seasoned visualization professional or just getting started, the DI-Guy SDK will simplify and speed your task of adding life-like humans and animals to real-time 3D simulations, saving you time and money. The SDK allows you to work at a high level, concentrating on telling characters where to go and what to do, while the software and content handles critical low-level details such as: joint angle control and kinematics, smooth motion generation is derived from motion capture, graphics hierarchy management, load management, and geometry and texture files.

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Key Features

  • Ready Out-of-the-Box

    A VR-TheWorld server is a fully standalone version of VR-TheWorld and can be deployed behind firewalls and security barriers.

  • Available Online

    MAK hosts a copy of VR-TheWorld Server online for MAK ONE users to use in prototyping solutions and developing capability demonstrations.

  • Terabytes of Data

    VR-TheWorld has over three terabytes of global elevation, imagery, and feature data — pre-tiled for high performance access.

  • Automatic Tiling for Performance

    Large data files are automatically tiled on the server so that they can be streamed efficiently to client applications.

    • Add Your Own Data

      VR-TheWorld Server comes with an intuitive web interface that makes uploading and organizing your data simple.

    • Raster Formats

      The following raster data formats are supported for elevation and imagery:

      MRSID, GDAL virtual, Geotiff, JPEG 2000, DEM, DTED 0 - 5, Arcinfo Binary Grid, Magellan BLX Topo, Bathymetry Attributed Grid, VTP Binary terrain format, USGS DOQ, ESRI .hdr, Envisat Image Product, ERMapper, FITS, Erdas Imagine, National Imagery Transport Files (CIB, CADRG, and so on), BSB Nautical chart format, NetCDF

    • Vector Formats

      The following vector data formats are supported for natural and human-made features:

      ESRI Shape, KML, GPX, VMAP, S-57

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