NTSA Modeling and Simulation Awards: Gladiator Delivery Team wins Training Systems Acquisition Award! 

Congratulations to the entire Gladiator Delivery Team for winning NTSA’s Training Systems Acquisition Award!

The Gladiator Program represents a shift in paradigm for delivering collective synthetic training environments. The UK RAF, with the help of Prime Contractor, Boeing Defense UK and Subcontractor ST Engineering Antycip, brought together commercial companies to work alongside a professional White Force to develop a COTS-based Collective MDO Training Environment.

An innovative licensing model was developed allowing joint ownership of funded IP between the UK RAF and the COTS products developers which include MAK, Pitch, CogSim, Calytrix, RT Dynamics, and Pelican Mapping. The flexible license model saved the UK RAF millions while allowing the commercial companies to incorporate the new functionality directly into their COTS product releases to be used by the industry at large. Agile Capability Concept Demonstrators are being used to iterate on targeted fidelity COTS based Gladiator compliant collective training devices, such as the Gladiator Complaint F-35 Effects Based Simulation, which can be developed and deployed at a fraction of the cost for a typical collective trainer. These acquisition innovations helped Gladiator be one of the first Common Synthetic Training Environments to reach IOC.

Cheers to the entire team! We can’t wait to be a part of what’s next.

ST Engineering

ST Engineering

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