MAK RTI Capabilities

The MAK RTI is The High-Performance HLA Run Time Infrastructure

A proven solution that enables High Level Architecture (HLA) federates to rapidly and efficiently communicate.

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What is an RTI?

An RTI, or Run-Time Infrastructure, is a required component of any HLA (High Level Architecture) federation. According to the rules of HLA, various simulation applications, known as federates, use the RTI to exchange simulation data.

The HLA Interface Specification, part of the HLA Standard, dictates the set of functionality that federates can expect of an RTI, and provides API mappings for various programming languages, including C++ and Java. An RTI consists of a set of libraries that implement this standard API, along with supporting tools required by the implementation (for example, a central server application known as an RTI Executive or rtiexec). Federates communicate by making calls to RTI functions through the standard API.

RTI functionality falls into eight categories: Federation Management, Declaration Management, Object Management, Ownership Management, Time Management, Data Distribution Management, Support Services, and the Management Object Model (MOM).

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