MAK Assist – Services

We offer many ways to help our customers make best use of our software products, but sometimes the most effective approach is to carve off a part of your project and let MAK develop a solution that meets the requirements.

MAK has a long history of delivering on program requirements – MAK’s services span the spectrum from writing a custom plugin for one of our products to developing a complete solution based on our products. We can support you as a partner or sub-contractor during all phases of a program, from pre-sales, through proposals, to design, development and deployment.

Here’s a sample of what we can do.

Training Solutions

  • Command and staff from company to brigade commanders
  • Crews and teams whether on the ground; or in armored vehicles, ships, or aircraft
  • CBRNE defense
  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • First-person airborne rangers
  • JTACs and Call For Fire

Interoperability Solutions

  • We can assist with LVC integration
  • Build custom gateways supporting different FOMs and protocols
  • Develop interfaces to operational systems
  • Provide tools to test and analyze your federation
  • Take full responsibility for the interoperability aspects of your program

Visualization applications

  • Battle Labs
  • LVC federations
  • Instructor Stations
  • Out-the-window views from desktops to domes
  • After Action Review
  • Sensor simulation

Web Applications

  • We develop web applications to remotely view, monitor and control our products through the WebLVC standard

Customization, Extension, and Integration

  • Being super familiar with our own software we are often ideally suited to work with customers to develop custom plugins, enhancements, and GUIs for our products.
  • We integrate our products with 3rd Party, Government, and custom software for research labs and training centers.
  • MAK has also excelled in developing battle command systems and systems that stimulate Mission Command and C2-C4ISR systems.

Content Development

We offer services to develop new content optimized for use in our products including:

  • 3D moving models
  • Detailed terrain database development; hand modeled, procedurally generated, or streaming from our terrain server (or any combination)
  • Material classification of models and terrains for use in sensors
  • New characters and associated animations
  • New entities, weapons, sensors, behaviors and complex tasks in our CGF

We are ready to help you deliver on your project requirements.

Let us know what you need.

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