High-fidelity flight dynamics for airplanes and helicopters in VR-Engage.

RTDynamics develops high fidelity fixed- and rotary-wing flight dynamics and behaviors/maneuvers software, and models for real-time RADAR, electronic warfare and missile systems. MAK has partnered with RTDynamics for more than two decades, and have integrated our products in many ways:

MAK’s VR-Engage uses the RotorLib and FixedWingLib products from RTDynamics for its aircraft vehicle dynamics. This built-in run-time capability is included with the VR-Engage license, and users do not need a separate RotorLib or FixedWingLib license key to run VR-Engage. However, the RTDynamics' RIME editor, which is needed to edit VR-Engage's built-in flight dynamics models or author new ones is sold as a separate add-on, or as part of the RTDynamics SDKs.

Beyond the VR-Engage virtual simulators, some of our users want to enhance VR-Forces CGF-controlled entities with higher-fidelity flight dynamics as well. RTDynamics has created off-the-shelf VR-Forces add-on modules that extend MAK’s CGF with more physically accurate FixedWingLib CGF and RotorLib CGF models. When users install the modules, standard VR-Forces aircraft dynamics “actuators” are replaced by custom actuators that leverage RTDynamics algorithms instead. The plug-ins also add new maneuvers and behaviors, such as formation flight, terrain following, vertical take-off and landing, hover, and bob-up. Dedicated SDKs are also available for developers who want to modify or extend plug-ins' capabilities – with direct access to the full FixedWingLib and RotorLib APIs.

Finally, for radar and electronic warfare, we often use the EWAWS (Electronic Warfare and Weapons System) plug-in to VR-Forces from RT Dynamics. This add-on allows VR-Forces to model various radar patterns, accurately calculate when a target is detected and when a signal is detected by a radar warning receiver, and to model jamming, interference, and countermeasures.

ST Engineering

ST Engineering

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